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zaynrocketking asked:

It's nice to see you online Layne! I hope things get better in your life because someone like you deserves the best

What a kind thing to say! Thank you, hun!

This week is insane - there are two surf tournaments - one of them on my beach that I’m going to try to go down and watch as much of as possible, the other in Tahiti that I’ve been watching videos from. Of course, all of this has to be worked in around actual work, too.

The Brat is on the band’s color guard at school, and they have band camp this week. The entire color guard was also challenged to the ALS ice bucket challenge, which they are doing on their lunch break tomorrow at camp. Mom, myself, their coach, and a couple other parents are all donating $5 per guard member to the charity.

So, busy week - but I’m kind of liking busy - less time to get sucked into the drama.




Um, you guys, they may have done it again

do you know where louis’ hand would have to be in order for that positioning to match yall

Are we forgetting about Louis’ other wrist and how that relates to the snake too?

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Anonymous asked:

I missed you veeeeeeery much, layne! How are you?

Still dealing with my awful cough. I feel bad, cause it kept Mom awake last night.

Not as pissed off as I was a couple nights ago, but still sadly disappointed that we can make so many great things happen, and yet a small group of people will go out of their way to shit on it and tarnish everything that was accomplished.

Worse thing is, its not a new occurrence - this goes all the way back to last winter and Louis’ charity drive, when people refused to donate to help sick, innocent children, simply because Amy believes Louis and Harry are in a relationship.

Other sections of this fandom work harder at making everything about Louis and Harry, and create a greater fuss, than those of us who believe they are together. Its truly astounding how overly invested they are in what we think and believe, that they have to use it to tear down positive, uplifting initiatives.

Sorry, didn’t mean to turn this into a rant, but thank you for asking after me.

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